top 10 brands of India-2015 vs 2014

Top 10 Brands of India: 2015 vs 2014

This article is about the top 10 brands of India- 2015 vs 2014. These Brands are strong and respected businesses. They are growing their brand values and rapidly becoming household names.
A holistic approach is undertaken to rank these brands. We will discuss what are the Eligibility criteria for choosing these brands. And also the valuation process adopted to rank them.

Eligibility Criteria for a Brand:

Top 10 Indian Brands 2015 and 2014 eligibility criteria
Eligibility Criteria

Out of the broad list of all brands in India, those are taken into consideration which fulfils the below criteria:

  1. The country of origin must be India.
  2. There must be large financial data available.
  3. The brand must have a broad public profile. And awareness must play a significant role in the consumer’s buy decision.
  4. The economic profit must be positive. And the revenue should be above the company’s operating and financing costs.

Brand Valuation Methods

Top 10 Indian Brands of 2015 and 2014 Evaluation process
Performance Evaluation

1. Financial Analysis

  • Positive financial return or the Profit after-tax of the Organisation
  • Opportunity for the brand to create value.
  • Presence of different platforms like manufacturing facilities, distribution channels, and working capital.

2. Demand Analysis

  • Role of Brand measures the part of the purchase decision that is because of the brand.
  • The Role of Brand Index (‘RBI’) quantifies this as a percentage.
  • Customers rely more on brands to guide their choice. When there is a lack of comparison.
  • RBI remains significant for brands to increase their influence on consumers.

3. Competitive Analysis

  • It measures the ability of the brand to create loyalty. And generating demand and profit into the future.
  • This performance becomes a deciding factor and by comparing to other brands in the industry.
  • The strength of the brand is inversely related to the level of risk associated with the brand’s financial forecasts.

4. Brand Value

  • A specific discount rate is applied to discount brand earnings back to a present value. It reflects that the brand will be able to withstand challenges. And deliver the expected earnings into the future. This is brand value.
Brand valuation methodology
Brand Valuation Methodology

Brand Ranking 2015 vs 2014

Top 10 Indian Brands 2015 vs 2014
Courtesy- Interbrand

Brand Management is crucial to any Organisation. Because it increases the perceived value of its products or services. It increases the value of the brands which leads to better revenue earnings.

This article with the help of rankings and method insights taken from Interbrand. Founded in 1974 Interbrand is the World’s leading brand consultancy, HQ in New York, USA.

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