Top 10 Best Paying Mystery Shopping companies in India 2020
Mystery Shopping

Top 10 Best Paying Mystery Shopping companies in India 2020

To rank Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping Companies In India is not an easy task.

We went through research to understand the basic criteria to be an evaluator. How these evaluators rank them on the basis of their experience.

What is Mystery Shopping ?

Mystery Shopping is a research marketing tool. It measures the quality of a product, service, compliance or an operating procedure.

Mystery shopping is a process of ascertaining the quality of service/product been offered to the customers.

Who is a Mystery Shopper/Evaluator ?

Mystery Shopping is conducted by a mysterious auditor. they are known as mystery Shopper. They are also called as Evaluators or Secret Shopper.

They share the reports to the company for analysis. In this article, we will look into the top 10 Best Paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.

Benefits of an Mystery Shopper/Evaluator:

  • It’s completely flexible. You choose when, where and how much to work.
  • It’s fun. Becoming a spy is fun! Besides you help your fellow shoppers get a great experience.
  • It’s rewarding. Get pampered in a spa, buy your favourite brands, eat out at best restaurants. All of it for free.

Wondering Why I have chosen ‘best paying‘ criteria for listing the top 10? Well, the answer is simple because time to time we hear about assignments are not paid, sometimes they get delayed. I went through few reviews on the Internet, who talk about continuous follow up before payment is released. So we have taken two factors into consideration like

1. History & reputation of the company
2. Payment Credit period

Based on these two criteria we have listed out the Top 10 Best Paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India.

10 best Paying Mystery Shopping Companies In India List

No. 1- Bare International

Bare International started in 1987, Since then they have built a reputation on innovation, ethics, and seamless client service management.
BARE International is a family-owned business with global capabilities.

BARE is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Fairfax, Virginia with ten offices around the world. They operate in 150 Countries around the world. They have a strong 500,000+ Evaluators global field force worldwide.

They are members of the MSPA and Insight Association. These two are apex bodies of all mystery shopping companies around the world.

MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professional Association)-The MSPA is a global association of companies united as a common body for the purpose of strengthening the mystery shopping industry through combined efforts and actions. It is the goal of the membership to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of mystery shopping services.

Insights Association – As the leading voice, resource and network of the marketing research and data analytics community, the Insights Association helps its members create competitive advantage.

Headquarter At Washington Dc, Bare International Operate in Globally through regional offices in

Mystery Shopper Benefit at Bare International

Earn with our transparent evaluation system that helps you improve your work and ensures fair, democratic scheduling.

Learning more about interesting products and brands is fun, and helping companies make a difference is truly rewarding.

With competition increasing daily, you’ll be a valuable asset to companies looking to improve customer experience.

BARE ensures reasonable compensation and maintains secure and accurate financial control systems.

Enjoy less stringent validation processes and full control over dates, deadlines, payments and workload.

BARE has a solid industry reputation and is known for its credibility, stability, and variety of opportunities.

All these benefits including payment Credit period and ease of payment make it to No.1 spot in our list of Top 10 Best paying Mystery shopping companies in India in 2020.

Mystery Shopper’s Registration

The Registration process is very easy and free. one can access the link below and signup to be an evaluator. I have added a sign-up screenshot for your understanding.

New Evaluator Registration Link

Top 10 Best Paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India
Bare International

Payment Credit Terms

On-time payments, credit period is 30 days. Payment is done on the 25th of every month. Professional staff and smooth work procedures make it the
top companies to work with at this point in time. Fees paid is quite less in comparison to other companies.


HS Brands maintains a commitment to employing highly-trained professionals to serve our customer needs around the world.

Its in-house teams are located in offices around the globe. And with our network of contracted professionals, they can deliver at any scale, in any location, in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

HS Brands global resources ensure our clients’ services are delivered by industry experts who are immersed in the cultures they work. Companies clients enjoy the extensive resources of a global service company executed with the personalized touch of a local partner.


They operate in 140 Countries with 12 Global Offices. They have a Global Field Force over 1 Million Strong.

Head Quartered at LAS VEGAS they operate through their regional offices globally. They have regional offices at :

  • Australia
  • China
  • Argentina
  • Lebanon
  • Netherlands

Mystery Shopper Registration

The registration process is very simple and free. Th link is given below and screenshot of the signup page is also given.

Click This link to Register as an Evaluator

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
HS International

Payment Credit Terms

Credit period is 60 days but its hassle-free. This company always offers a lot of projects across industries for the registered shoppers.

The fees are good comparing with the time utilised. Hence it makes to No.2 of our list of Top 10 Best paying Mystery shopping companies in India.

No.3 – Floor Walk

FloorWalk holds Expertise in Market Research & Mystery Audit projects across India.

With presence across 350+ cities PAN India and highly influential expertise in Retail, Automotive & Hospitality Segment.

Company’s Head Office is located at Nagpur and their branch office is at Gurugram, Haryana.

Floor walk has a unique strategy to not only hire with evaluators but also to partner agencies to complete their tasks.

In this way, they cover more geographical locations than any other mystery shopping companies in India.

Floor Walk

Registration Process:

They have a free registration process for new evaluators. link and evaluator enrollment page is shared below.

Click here to register as an evaluator.

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
Floor Walk Registration

Payment Credit Terms:

Payment Credit period is 45 to 60 Days. Professional staff, good fees, good payment cycle and interesting audits makes it among the top companies to work with.

They hire women from the rural cities in order to provide employment opportunities. They also offer bulk assignments.

Thus they make it to No.3 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.

No.4- ISC (International Service check)

Reinhold and Martin first founded ISC in 1996, and since Hans joined us in 2000. They operate in 140+ countries in 50+ languages. They have 1,000,000+ Evaluators which is largest always-on workforce.

It is one of the world’s only full-service digital customer experience agencies. It offers a comprehensive set of CX programs and draw from 20+ years of benchmarks.

Company runs global, multi-lingual, omnichannel programs that pull in a vast sea of customer data. And then combine and correlate all this data to reveal surprising insights that a single-focus agency would never see.

In short: This company has the talent, tech, and tactics you need to turn your raw customer experience data into a brand-new business-changing perspective.

Headquartered at Switzerland they have a regional office at Germany.

Registration Process

It has a Very subtle registration process. Link to registration and screenshot for guidance is given below.

To register Click this Link.

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
ISC Registration

Payment Credit Terms:

Payment credit period is 30 to 45 days. It usually have audits with luxury brands mainly located as a part of the premium malls.

The fees are lower when compared with the efforts put by the shopper.

Thus they make it to No.4 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.

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We are a global business transformation firm. Our winning approach is Outside–In. We enable businesses to truly listen to customer experiences outside and make transformational changes inside.

They offer their expertise in the following domains:

  • Extend your business objectives and brand positioning to customer experiences
  • Use customer experience intelligence to gauge expectations
  • Facilitate seamless transition from one channel to the next
  • Benefit from our extensive cross-industry expertise

Mystery Shopping Process Flow

Easy and Free Signup
Signup and tell us a little bit about you. This helps us to match you with the right brands.

Pick a mission
Take your pick from a variety of exciting shopping, eating out, spa missions near you.

Share your thoughts
Share your thoughts with us online in a simple form. Brands would love to hear it too!

Get paid
You get paid within stipulated time via PayPal/Direct credit.

Evaluator Registration:

Its Free and very easy to sign-up.

Click this link to sign-up.

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
RedQuanta Registration

Payment Credit Terms:

Avg Credit period of 90 to 120 days. It’s quite an experienced player in the industry but due to extreme slack in payments are having a hit, but now trying to regain its position.

The report filling is comparatively simple and the variety of audits is good.

Thus they make it to No.5 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.

No.6 – Channelplay

Channelplay was founded by SUNDEEP HOLANI. He is the current CEO of this company.

The headquarter is situated at Gurgaon, Haryana. It has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

  • It helps companies to have great products and be more successful by helping them run their channels well.
  • It deploys great processes and technology to improve productivity, thus lowering costs. At the same time.
Services Offered:
    High-Quality Large-Scale Field Sales & Marketing Teams.
    To Increase & Reward Loyalty of Channel Partners, Influencers & Customers
    To Measure Customer Experience, Retail Operations Compliance & Inventory
    It is India’s leading company for sales & product training of field-based teams via channels like field training, classroom, e-learning & m-learning, covering 300+ towns.
    for Insights on Consumers, Products, Channels, Industry & Competitors
Registration Process

It has introduced an app in the name of “1 View” for its evaluators. It is available for Android and Apple play store.

Please refer to the image below for the App in Google Play Store.

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
Channelplay’s App
Payment Credit Terms:

Payment credit period is 45 to 60 days duration.

Hence they make it to No.6 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.


Helion Research is one of the world’s leading Mystery Shopping agencies, with a strong focus on Customer Experience Measurement, Sales Channel Effectiveness & Business Intelligence. Its Head office is located in Belgium.

Services and Solutions

Services offered
1. Mystery Shopping
2. Retail Auditing
3. Customer experience Research
1. Customer Service Experience
2. Sales Performance
3. Pricing Research
4. Trade-Marketing Performance
5. Brand Recommendation Research
6. Infrastructure & POS Compliance


It has a very unique registration process for every Country. You have to select country to proceed for registration.

Please click this link for free sign-up.

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
Helion Research Sign Up
Payment Credit Terms:

Payment period is 30 days: 25th of the next month is payment date and the fees is equivalent to what is paid by the Indian mystery shopping companies.

The audits are mainly luxury brands like Ferrari, Apple etc and are quite less in quantity.

This is how they make it to No.7 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.

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Le’Capri is a young and passionate market research firm that anonymously evaluates and monitors the level of services being offered by your Organization across all the touchpoints to ensure that the customer or the end-user is satisfied in all aspects. It’s headquarter is situated in Delhi.

This is the youngest member of this Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.

Services offered:
1. Mystery ShopChecks (Mystery Shopping)
2. Mystery CallChecks
3. Mystery WebChecks
4. Mystery SampleChecks

A well-designed Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) Program for your Organization:

  • Helps to identify the areas of concern and improvement across touch points
  • Evaluates the performance of Staff in terms of product knowledge, competence level, willingness to sell and other areas that have a direct impact on business
  • Enables your Organisation to measure the Satisfaction Level of Customers
  • Ensures adherence to Organization’s Branding Standards across the franchisee or branch network
  • Ensures the adherence to Organization’s Customer Service Standards across the franchisee or branch network
  • Lets your Organisation review and compare its performance with Industry Standards or that of its Competitors or even its own previous performance
  • Pushes the sales curve to North and the customer dissatisfaction curve to South
  • Enables an Organization to stay ahead of competition
  • Helps to identify and reward the right talent within the Organization
  • Highlights the crucial areas (as well as employees) requiring immediate training for betterment

Registration process is quite simple and easy.
Please click this link to open the registration page.

Le’Capri Registration
Payment Credit Terms:

Payment period is within 60 days from the day of report filling and provides a bare minimum interest if the payments are delayed.

Their pay rate is better than a lot of companies but the only con is that the report has to be filled on an excel sheet which is time-consuming and obsolete.

Thus they make it to No.8 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.


Infakt Insights is a Mystery shopping company based at Pune, India. They work at PAN India level.

Infakt aims to get the insights in the service & brand in consumer’s mind on these levels.
1. Mystery shopping
2. SOP design
3. Qualitative analysis
4. Competition analysis
5. Focus group
6. Compliance & stock audits
7. Hygiene & safety audits


Please click here to go to the registration area.

top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India for 2020.
Infakt Registration page
Payment Credit Terms:

Credit period is 60 days minimum and need a couple of follow-ups for payments.

The audits are less in quantity and most move around services like movie watching, restaurants and spa services.

Thus they make it to No.9 of our list of Top 10 best paying Mystery Shopping companies in India.


One of the best Mystery Shopping and Consulting firms in India, It helps organizations build value by measuring and increasing their customer service levels.

It provides clients with end-to-end solutions and world-class insights that generate tangible and measurable results.

Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. draws on a rich legacy of three generations of hospitality experience.

The Late Mr.Maneck S. Shaw, a Hotelier by profession, and a founder member of the Hotel & Restaurant Association in India. Its head office is at Mumbai.

Services Offered:

Click this link to visit the registration page.

Shaw Registration Page
Payment Credit Terms:

Credit period is minimum 90 days. The shops available have reduced in number and since audits are done by repeated clientele, lockout period acts as a spoiler.

Due money to the shopper is usually not given without reminding the accounts team.

We hope to give the Top 10 Best paying Mystery Shopping Companies in India. Next time you take a task you can think of these points.

If we have missed out on something please give feedback.

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