tamilrockers movie download 2020

Tamilrockers movie download 2020

How tamilrockers movie download site came into existence?

These above words have taken the piracy to the newest levels. People mostly teenage want to download or view their desired content without any cost. This gave rise to sites like tamilrockers. We will cover about piracy and tamilrockers in detail.

tamilrockers movie download 2020
Tamilrockers site

Introduction of Tamilrockers Movie download site:

Tamilrockers is a torrent website which offers movies download in many languages. It has dominated the movie piracy market in India till 2019. Its creators were recently nabbed by police for violating Copywrite laws.
It offers to download movies in languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and even English.
This kind of websites promoting free downloadable content has been a headache for the Indian Cinema industry for decades now.
All movie contents come under Copywrite law.

What is Piracy?

The author or creator is the sole and first owner of any cinema, drama, musical composition, lyrics, book, article or cinematography etc. To distribute, reproduce, copy, remake or edit them you need permission from their respective owners.
when somebody reproduce or distribute without the consent of the owner of that content, this is piracy.

Stop Piracy
Stop Piracy

Copyright Laws In India:

Copyright laws are as old as 1847 during the British rule. But in independent India, the Copywrite Law drafted in 1957 and came into effect from 1958. Till then this law amended many times, 2012 was the last time.

Ministry of Human Resource Development is the apex body on this. All the Copyright laws of all WTO countries subjected to International jurisdiction.

A separate agency WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)was created. A study by Ministry OF HRD in 1998 says piracy is as old as the copyright law and there is no estimate of its amount.

Current Scenario in India:

We are living in a time where we are not restricted to any geographical boundaries. In the advent of telecommunication technology, we can communicate and share with our friends, family and relatives from anywhere.
we are in the digital age. Information, education or Entertainment is a click away. Habituated by digital technology starting from DTH, Internet, Mobile Phones and Emails.

Today We all have our virtual or web presence in some way or the other. Men is connected to Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
Everyone can create or shoot our own videos and broadcast them in Youtube. Consumers no longer watch every movie in the cinema hall or multiplexes.
We have our own entertainment applications(Apps) for customised content. These Apps are Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, ZEE5, VOOT and Hotstar etc. With the rise of these digital platforms, piracy has also gone to the next level.

This is the root cause for Tamilrockers, Piratebay and Kickass Torrent etc. These websites are torrent downloading sites where movies, videos, songs etc are shared in the form of torrents by its users.

The downloadable content and it’s a clear violation of Copyright Laws.
Downloadable Movies from all region are present in these sites. Here you would get all the latest movie downloads. It used to be the free or at no extra cost to download or view.
This is Online Piracy.

How India dealing with Online Piracy?

With rising concerns about online piracy, Indian Govt. Came up with the National Intellectual Property Rights Policy (NIPR) in the year 2016. The main approach of NIPR 2016 would be to innovate new ways to counter online piracy. It would work towards curbing unauthorised download, distribution and viewing of copyright materials. Ministry of HRD in one study found two major reasons for the rising cases of piracy.

  1. Lack of Enforcement
  2. Lack of awareness
    Though our Copyright law is as good as Britain or any other Europian Countries. But the awareness level is very low in India.
    Our police are very reluctant when it comes to enforcing the law.

Solution to the Problem?

Agencies like CIPAM are the future for curbing digital piracy. CIPAM was (Cell for IPR Promotion and Management) established to reduce Piracy.
Their action is to promote IPR awareness and strengthen law enforcement.

CIPAM will tackle sites like tamilrockers movie download in 2020
CIPAM(Cell for IPR Promotion and Management)

Shutdown of site tamilrockers for movie download

I hope you liked this article on tamilrockers movie download 2020. And how they are contributing to the digital piracy.

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Disclaimer: We are not promoting tamilrockers. And discouraging people not to use these kinds of site and stop piracy.

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