Permission marketing-The New Age Marketing

Permission Marketing- The New Age Marketing

Why ?

Before we describe what is Permission Marketing, Lets look into Why Permission Marketing came into existence. It came into existence because we no longer want to be a part of the traditional Interruption Marketing type.

Interruption Marketing is annoying. And they are is not particularly effective either. This is the generic term for any marketing technique that consumers did not ask to receive. It is aptly named because it interrupts other activities. With the advent of communication technology, interruption marketing includes direct mail, phone calls, or text messages that endorse a product. Interruption marketing can be used by different media, including television, radio, print, email, direct mail, and telemarketing.

To overcome these problems associated with Interruption Marketing, a new approach was undertaken by marketers. This new approach is termed as Permission Marketing.

What is Permission Marketing ?

Permission marketing refers to a form of advertising where the intended audience is given the choice of opting in to receive promotional messages.

This concept has increased in popularity, particularly with respect to digital marketing.

Types of Permission Marketing

1. Opt-in Emails

This is where a subscriber has signed up for your emails. Not only is the email sent to subscribers, but it offers a great incentive for them to buy: a promo code. Examples:E-mails from Flipkart, Amazon, Ola, Uber about new offers and Discounts with coupon codes.

Opt-in email of content marketing
Opt-in email example of a Content Marketing Institute

2. RSS Feeds

Really simple syndication, or RSS feeds are a great way of employing permission marketing. This is a way of letting your subscribers about your latest promotion or content by way of sending them a notification.

RSS feeder
RSS Feeder

3. Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are another great way of putting this kind of marketing into action. In signing up for your loyalty program, subscribers give you their information and give you permission to use that information to send them promotional material. Examples are- Big Bazaar Profit Club, Payback, Reliance One etc

payback loyalty cards
Payback Loyalty card

Benefits Of Permission Marketing

  • Has high engagement
  • Produces high ROI
  • Results in higher conversion rates
  • Helps you build solid relationships with your customers
  • Cost-efficient
  • Personalization

Key Points to Remember:
1. It is characterized as anticipated, personal, and relevant.
2. It is a form of advertising where the audience is given the choice to opt-in to receiving promotional messages.
3. Common forms of this type of marketing include opting into receiving updates as part of an email list.

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers. book by Seth Godin

This concept of has been popularized by Seth Godin an entrepreneur and author. He had introduced this concept in his Book Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers.

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