Mystery Shopper Quick Start Guide

Mystery Shopper and Survey Quick Start Guide

A quick guide for a Mystery Shopper to start earning.

Step 1 – Setting Up an Email Address Just For Mystery Shopper and Surveys!

While some market research companies will let you register and start taking jobs and surveys right away, most of them make you wait and notify you via email when you can start taking specific surveys or jobs. Once you’ve gotten signed up with quite a few different companies, you’ll probably get quite a few emails about different jobs and surveys, and you won’t want to miss any of them!

For this reason, and this reason alone, I suggest that you set up a specific email account and use it only for the jobs! It ensures that you won’t miss any emails at all, so you can participate in the most possible. Make sure to check it at least once a day, though!

You see, if your jpb and survey emails get mixed with, say, a letter from mom, or an ad for your favorite shop, you might miss a few surveys, which wouldn’t be good! It makes it easier all around to have a dedicated address.

Most of the time, your internet service provider will gladly give you a second email address, and nearly no one charges for it! If you’d rather not use your internet provider’s name, you can set up a completely free one – Gmail! gives the best service, in our opinion, and a newer feature is unlimited storage, so you can get as many emails as you want and never have to worry.

Note: You don’t need to let us know your new email, because the email you use to sign up to Free Mystery Sopper List doesn’t have anything to do with the email address you use to get a job and take surveys!

Step 2 – Downloading RoboForm!

Download RoboForm and learn the ropes of it. Honestly, the hardest part of making money with Mystery Shopping, paid surveys, and focus groups are finding and registering with the market research companies – we list so many of them, though, that it’s hardly a worry!

There’s no ‘simple’ way around it… you’ve got to register with companies that you’re interested in. Some will let you sign up, and than take surveys, but most others make you register with them first, then let you know when other opportunities are open.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something that automates all the registration? Yes, it would… too bad technology just isn’t that good quite yet.

However, RoboForm makes it a lot easier! See, RoboForm is a free program that really does reduce the time it takes to fill out forms, registers with different companies, and even fill out different surveys. It remembers everything, including usernames and passwords that you create!

Nearly everyone who’s serious about making money uses RoboForm – and I do, too. It not only makes things more simple than any other program, but it also doesn’t mess with your computer or track data for other’s benefit – not like Gator, and other programs do.

Using RoboForm is recommended (Highly!), so go download it, and spend a few minutes getting used to it, and how it works. It will truly reduce the time you spend getting started, which lets you make the most money possible as quickly as possible.

To download it, just click here, then hit Save, and save it to your desktop. As soon as it’s done downloading, double click the file and install it! It’s easy – really, it is!

Note: After you use RoboForm for a little while, it may suggest that you upgrade to the Pro version, which has a couple of new features. It also costs $30, and while nice to have, it isn’t necessary AT ALL!

RoboForm only works on computers that run Windows. I’ve never heard of another program like this that works on Mac computers, but if you use a Mac, I suggest using the Safari web browser from Apple – it already has a feature built-in to fill out forms. However, neither Safari nor RoboForm is needed to fill out mystery shopper applications or take surveys – I just recommend them for ease of use.

How to Become a Mystery Shopper or Auditor?

Step 3 – Downloading Firefox!

While this isn’t needed, I highly suggest that you download FireFox. FireFox is a web browser that is marginally more secure than Internet Explorer, but that’s not why I’m suggesting it!

One of the main reason that I think FireFox is great is because it has a tool that lets you spell check your writing, as you’re writing it. It makes it so much easier – especially if you have a tendency, like the rest of us, to misspell words while you’re typing. Just click bellow and Download FireFox for free, and when it’s finished downloading it, install. It’s that easy!

Step 4 – Start Registering, taking Surveys & Making Money!

Now that you’re set up and ready to go, allow me to share a few pointers to help you get started. I know, I know, you just want to go out and make money! And we’re almost through.

Note: Keep in mind that when I discuss registering with a company, I mean a market research company that conducts the surveys. These are mostly hired by larger companies to conduct the surveys, so they don’t have to.

Let me make this clear – you are not, and I repeat, not going to “Get Rich Quick” by taking surveys online. But once you get going, you can easily generate a steady income of products, prizes, and cash. I know people who make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, and you can, too.

Your success will mostly depend on these factors:

  1. The number of market research companies that you actually sign up for.
  2. Your profile, which determines what type of surveys that you’re chosen for.
  3. The sheer amount of time you put into surveys, focus groups, etc.
  4. Your luck at winning drawings, raffles, and sweepstakes that you’ve entered in.

Let’s go over these quickly, shall we?

The number of market research companies that you actually sign up for.

This is the most important factor that determines your success, or failure because the more companies you sign up with, the more surveys you will be invited to take, and of course, you’re aware – the more surveys you take, the more money you can make!

The number of companies you sign up with needs to reflect your goals – the amount of money you want to make. It’s really that easy. For example…

If you want to make a few hundred extra dollars a month to cover a car payment, or a boat payment, or save up for a down payment on something, you don’t need to register with all of the companies that are in our database! All you have to do is register with a few when you get a chance, and you’ll easily reach your goal.

Now, of the flip side, if you wish to make thousands of dollars each month, you should register will as many companies as you can – the more you register with, the better!

You cannot register with 20 companies, though, and expect to make a few thousand dollars a month. It won’t happen. You must be realistic.

I’m personally registered with about 200-300 companies, and I get so many invitations for surveys that I can’t handle them all. What I do is go through some of them, pick the highest paying – or most fun – ones I can find, and do those. It’s really the best position to be in, because you’d rather have too many invitations than not enough, right?

Your profile, which determines what type of surveys that you’re chosen for.

Let me explain this one, which may have confused a few of you.

When you register with a market research company, you’re going to be asked a few questions which are going to make up a personal profile for you. You need to be honest, because this is how you get matched with surveys and focus groups!

Some surveys are extremely general, but many are very, very specific – for example, a company might want to get the opinion of men aged 30-50 on a new type of cologne that their client is considering marketing. If you’re a woman, you’re not going to be selected!

My advice to you on this is to always be truthful in your answers, and give as many details as you possible can, so you not only get selected for as many surveys as possible, but you’re able to actually enjoy taking them!

The sheer amount of time you put into surveys, focus groups, etc.

Aside from the first, this is the most important factor that you actually have any control over. The time, and effort that you put into it must correspond with your goals!!

If you can only put about an hour a week in your surveys, that’s okay, but you’re not going to make a full time income. The more time you put into surveys and focus groups, the more money you’ll make.

On the lighter side of this, you only have to register with a company once, and they’ll keep sending you surveys – for years, in fact. If you don’t have a ton of time, take it nice and steady, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Your luck at winning drawings, raffles, and sweepstakes that you’ve entered in.

If you only want to participate in surveys, or focus groups that will pay you cash, that’s fine, but you should seriously consider those that will pay you in prizes, sweepstake entries, and more.

If you’ve got the time, it’s well worth it – a two minute survey could enter you for a chance to win $10,000s, and wouldn’t that be nice? Most of the time, the odds are pretty good, and you don’t always just win cash – TVs, computers, and more are also sometimes the prizes!

Also, it’s very important to consider that most market research companies will change their offerings all the time, and it depends on what type of research their clients need. A company that offers prizes this month may very well offer $150 for a survey next month, and that’s why you should register with al the companies you can, no matter what they offer – you never know what will happen, or what you’ll get!!

Of course, there’s not really much you can actually do that will help your luck. Just remember that someone has to win, and prizes can really make a difference (wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra 10k in the bank?!).

Just a few more things, then you can get started…!

a) Remember that many companies will register you with a contest, or sweepstakes, when you first register with them. This is how you get started – they will send you ‘screener surveys’, most of the time, then send paid surveys.

b) ALWAYS check your email, each chance you get, and act as quickly as possible. Sometimes companies will send out more invitations than the number of participants they need, because they know some people simply won’t respond. Once they’ve gotten all they need, they’ll stop taking people.

c) Sometimes market research companies that you’ll be introduced to work with will be various sponsors, promotional companies, and others – you might get invited to buy products, or participate in free trails. Feel free to ignore these if you’re not interested.

d) Have fun. You’re providing these companies with a very important service, and you’re influencing new products and styles. Be proud of what you’re doing, and have fun while you’re making money!

Okay, you’re ready…! Go ahead to our database, find some companies, and start making money!

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