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Do Not Join a Mystery Shopper Site until you get my Free Mystery Shopper List. In it, you will find all the Mystery Shopper Secrets and Tips. Plus a Free list of over 500 Mystery Shopper companies.


Do Not Join a Mystery Shopper Site until you get my Free Mystery Shopper List. In it, you will find all the Mystery Shopper Secrets and Tips. Plus a Free list of over 600 Mystery Shopper companies.

There are literally tons of Mystery Shopping opportunities available on the World Wide Web.

Any search engine will come up with hundreds of hits if you use them to search for mystery shopping companies, jobs, articles, or just about anything else to do with mystery shopping.

Are all of those sites and opportunities legitimate? Unfortunately, just like everything else that you find online, it is necessary to pick and choose – make conscious choices to check out the companies, check out the statements, and proceed with a bit of healthy caution. While there are honest-to-goodness mystery shopping jobs available and you can find them on the web, don’t be fooled by the scams that also abound in cyberspace.

The purpose of web business, just like any other business, is to make money, not necessarily to aid you in making money. Therefore, if you have to pay money to join the club or to access the super secret lists, keep on clicking. A large majority of these sites are scams, designed to separate you and your money.

Oftentimes the lists are outdated conglomerations of other web links that may or may not be working and, if they are working, may or may not ultimately link to a company that is hiring. By the time you sort through and find the legitimate ones, providing there are any, you could have applied at several legitimate websites that don’t ask you for a cent in payment.

You do not need to be a member of some mystery shopping group to find mystery shopping jobs. You also don’t need to be ‘certified’. Many ‘certifications’ offered on the Internet are designations that are awarded because the buyer paid a fee to get them. Mystery shopping does not require certification and it doesn’t require any special courses or skills other than honesty and reliability. If you are capable of shopping and objectively communicating the experience to others – you are capable of being a mystery shopper.

Even the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a consumer warning regarding bona fide mystery shopping opportunities. The FTC suggests that people who are seeking mystery shopping jobs “search the Internet for mystery shopping companies that are accepting applictions. Legitimate companies don’t charge an application fee.”

Even those companies that promise a money back guarantee if the individual does not find work may be bogus, according to the FTC warning. If the site sells certifications, guarantees jobs or sells directories of companies that hire mystery shoppers, it may well be a scam, according to the FTC.

At the same time, that does not mean that there are not legitimate mystery shopping opportunities available or that they can’t be found on the Web. Just be cautious, check things out, and don’t fall for something that sounds too good to be true.

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